Idea Generation Part I

Mind Map

Exploring the space related to pill organizers leads to some ideas that are not directly related, but can be used in brainstorming for an innovative pill organizer. Using a mind map, ideas can get broad and deep and can cover a wide range of topic related (directly and indirectly) to pill organizers. My mind map looks as follows:


“What are your own passions, interests, expertise, and favorite things? Try to make non-obvious connections between these things that you know well to your product genre. Generate a list of at least 10 ideas.”

Connecting my passions to a pill organizer is not an easy thing to think of. My passions, interests, expertise, and favorite things are:

Now trying to connect these things to a pill organizer to come up with non-obvious ideas was difficult at first, since not many of these even relate to pill organizers in the slightest bit. Here are 10 ideas:


The “ideal solution elements (ISE)” for pill organizers are:

The matrix is:

Crossing these products:


Here, I am using SCAMPER to prompt questions about pill organizers to generate ideas for improvements or changes to your product topic. Each letter is:






Put to other use:





The TRIZ principles that inspired the ideas are:

5. Merging

6. Universality

7. Nested doll

32. Color changes

From those principles, the ideas created were:

10 New Ideas

4 People

The 4 people that I will have helping me brainstorm are:

Jeremy, Tyler, Alex, Tehaam

We will be doing it on Saturday, Nov. 2nd at their apartment.




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